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Are You Ready To Joyfully Achieve?

Business + Whole Life Coaching For The Values Driven Entrepreneur

I'm so glad you are here...

Hi, I'm Kristin and I'm a business and whole life coach to Values Driven Entrepreneurs.

My mission is to support you in leading a wildly successful values driven business while living a rich values driven life. That’s right … you can have both.

The Entrepreneurs and Leaders I have the privilege of working with are ready to operate from a new paradigm of leadership, Whole Life Leadership. They are ready to look deeply at who they need to be and what they need to do, in all areas of their life, to have the impact in their business and life that they desire.

This is the work that we will do. The big, no bs work of a Whole Life Leader.

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Your values are your most powerful decision making tool as a business leader. How tuned in are you to yours?

Unlock this power tool in this FREE Values Driven Leadership Mini Course.

It's my mission to:

  • Support you in showing up as the CEO of every area of your life.

  • Challenge you to dream big then execute like a pro.

  • Have you Joyfully Achieve in your journey.

  • Root all of your goals deep into your values so you win and feel fulfilled.

  • To create integration, not balance, in your life.

My Coaching style

  • Yogi meets badass boss. We blend mindfulness and business. They go beautifully together, I promise.

  • I am a PCC certified coach through the International Coach Federation and pull from my background in psychology and business to bring a unique combination of tools and coaching techniques to our work together.

  • We do the deep work first and always start with getting crystal clear on your values.

  • I am fiercely committed to turning the abstract into action. You won't just dream big with me, you will learn the high performance habits and mindset to execute like a pro.

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  • Are you up to big things in this world?

  • Do you want to feel alignment and connection in every area of your life?

  • Do you get the feeling that the concept of work / life balance isn't for you, instead it's all about the integration?

How are you creating both the business and the life that you REALLY want?

In this 12 week group coaching program you will work with your coach and your carefully selected group members to get clear on what you REALLY want. Then, you will create a solid one year plan of action to get there. This program is more than a course on goal setting. It's much more. We dive deep into mindset, values, and create long lasting systems and structures in your life to joyfully achieve with ease. Who doesn't want that?



  • 10 x 75 min video coaching sessions

  • An experienced certified coach in your corner every step of the way

  • 4-5 carefully selected group members to mastermind with and get peer support from during the program


  • Whole Life Leadership™ Blueprint

  • Whole Life Leadership™ Workbook

  • One Year Strategic Plan

  • VIA Strengths Assessment

  • Values Exploration

  • Weekly Implementation Practices & Exercises


  • Life long access to the Whole Life Leadership™Alumni closed Facebook group

  • Optional mastermind to continue with post program

  • Ongoing Winning Academy Micro Courses to continue your development long past the 12 weeks

Download Program Outline

Investment: $1500. Monthly payment plans available at no additional charge.

1 on 1 Coaching Programs



Motivated entrepreneurs and business leaders looking to bring meaningful

wins into their businesses and their lives.


We start by getting really clear on your values. These are fundamentally

crucial to the process because they allow you to focus in on the things that

are most important to you and consciously choose to avoid all the other

distractions. From here, I ask the important questions: Who do you need to

be to get what you really want? And, what do you need to do?

From here we go to work.


  • I think the concept of work life balance is bullshit. I believe in life integration.

  • I'm going to encourage you to look at your life from an integrated, systems perspective,

    so that you can optimize and actualize your potential across all areas of your life.

  • I'm a big believer in Joyfully Achieving. We are going to strive for big things in your future

    and we are going to be grateful for right now.

  • A strength of mine as a coach is to bring abstract big ideas down into actionable plans.

    However, I won't do the work for you. You need to be ready to dig in and do what

    it takes to get yourself where you want to go. I'll guide you, hold you accountable, cheer

    you on, and believe in you and your vision even when you lose sight of it, but you will be

    doing the work.



  • Discovery Coaching Session

  • Personalized coaching plan

  • 60 minute 1:1 video coaching calls

  • An experienced and certified coach in your corner the whole way


  • Values Discovery

  • Option for Emergenetics™ profile

  • Option for VIA Character Strengths profile

  • Integration practices between each session

  • Personalized toolkit


  • Ongoing Winning Academy resources and Micro Courses


6 month program: 12 coaching sessions over six months $650/month

3 month program: 6 coaching sessions over three months $700/month

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Are you leveraging the power of your values to grow and elevate your business?

  • Clearly communicate your mission, vision, and values to your customers, partners, and employees.

  • Create alignment between your goals and your values to get the results that matter to you most.

  • Be able to easefully and effectively make values aligned decisions that will help you take your business to the next level.

  • Grow and develop a values aligned super star team around you.

  • Create an actionable and inspiring business plan to keep you on track and accountable to your results.

These customized business coaching programs are all designed to support values driven Entrepreneurs bring meaningful wins into their businesses. My approach is to start by getting crystal clear on your vision, mission, and values. These are fundamentally crucial to the process because they allow us to focus our time, energy, and resources on the things that matter most.

From here we get into action through a values driven business plan and together we work through the mindful execution of the plan.



  • 6-12 month programs

  • 60 min Discovery Session

  • Customized Business Coaching Plan

  • Video or in person coaching calls

  • Team coaching / Development Sessions


  • Culture Roadmap

  • One Page Business Plan

  • Values Driven Goal Design

  • Emergenetics Assessment™


Programs start at $650/month

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Are you a certified coach?

Do you want to grow and expand your coaching business?

If you answered yes, you are in luck. After a few years of coaching using the Whole Life Leadership program with clients and realizing the power of this work, I wanted to be able to share it with more people. The thing was, I knew I only had so much time and could only take on so many clients. There, was born the idea of creating an Affiliate program to support other coaches in leveraging a fully packaged coaching program in their businesses to support their client niche.

To become a Certified Whole Life Leadership Affiliate Coach, coaches have to complete an 8-week certification program that digs deep into personal and professional development, and directly corresponds with the ICF Core Competencies. Upon completion, Whole Life Leadership Affiliate Coaches will be equipped with the resources to facilitate clients through the 12-week

WLL program in a one on one and group format.


Coaching Certification Rhythm & Program Features

  • 8-weeks

  • Format: video-based online learning and live group video calls

  • Flexible program to fit into your busy life

  • Coaches will graduate with a fully packaged and marketable program

  • 13.76 ICF Accredited Continuing Coach Education Units


I know your time is precious. 

All micro courses are under 10 minutes with exercises you can download to support you leading that wildly successful values driven business and leading that rich and fulfilled values driven life.