A 12-week group coaching program for early stage

entrepreneurs who are ready to next level their business + life

Get intentional about creating a business and life that reflects what matters to you most.

There’s just too much to do!

Wouldn’t you love to stop hearing yourself say those words? It’s not that you’re ungrateful for the opportunities, but a little more time to get out of the day to day and think big picture would be nice.

And we can’t ignore … that you have this feeling in your belly that you have something more to offer the world through your work, there’s a next level you ready to show up and play big.

It’s time to invest in your future self by zooming out to make sure you’re actually on the right path and make some BIG shifts where needed to align your soul and your goals.

Owning your future self requires clarity and alignment.

You need to know where you are going and what’s important to you in the journey.

By now you know small, surface level changes won’t create the big changes you desire. Having the confidence to take significant strides requires digging deeper.

Understanding and getting connected to your core values, vision, and mission is where the major shift starts. The only way you can take action on them is to get clear on them, right?

Once that happens you’ll begin to cultivate the mindset to thrive and gain commitment and clarity around the goal and the plan. Mindset + commitment = right action.

Gain the confidence to turn your ideas into actionable steps

Great! But first, a few things need to come first.

Knowing the next right step to make the dream come true happens naturally when you have wholeness in your life.

This means all the aspects of your life - home, business, fitness, family - are working together, not competing for attention.

When you know who you are, what you stand for and what purpose drives you, it’s easier to make good decisions, reach goals, filter out distractions and prioritize.

Imagine how it would feel to show up without holding back and say, “This is what I bring and this is how I'm going to express it” with total confidence?

If this sounds like a hell yes! to you then I’d like to invite you to join the Activate Your Inner Leader group coaching program.

Create a wildly successful business + a rich and fulfilling life by taking on the mindset of a Whole Life Leader

The Activate Your Inner Leader program is for early stage entrepreneurs who want to feel fulfilled, aligned and wildly successful in both business and in life.

Using the Whole Life Leadership™ framework you and your group members are going to work on activating your inner leader. That wise guide inside that knows exactly what you need to do and who you need to be in order to get what you really want.

This format has been specially developed to allow you to experience a personalized journey within a structured framework with a group of badass entrepreneurs taking similar bold steps.

You’ll be coached to figure out question like:

Who are you? What matters to you? What do you want to be known for? What do you need to do to make this all happen?

All critical questions to answer in live as the most powerful version of yourself, the leader of your life.

These 12 weeks are all about you. They will require you to dig deep and look at yourself and your life from a place of curiosity. You will be called to take action. And, it will be a lot of fun.

This program is right for you if you’re feeling:

  • Unclear and confused

  • Pulled in multiple directions

  • Like you’re just surviving

  • Easily taken off course by distractions and shiny objects

  • Like a passenger in your life and business as opposed to the driver

When you finish the program you’ll emerge with an inspiring one year Whole Life Leader Blueprint and One Year Strategic Plan which will be your north star in taking the next steps in creating the business and life you know you are capable of having.

You can expect to feel:

  • Focused & aligned

  • Clear on next steps

  • Intentional + impactful

  • Joyful

  • Like you are winning

“The WLL program has enabled me to create huge momentum in my life. I am clear on my WHY, and my goals don't seem exhausting or unobtainable. I have tons of energy and fire around going and getting what I want. I am also working harder now then I have ever before.”

- Megan Woodruff, Founder 24K Coaching

Are You Ready To Live As The Leader Of Your Life?

Next Group Programs Start Early September 2019. Limited Spots Available.


Meet your guide

Kristin’s passion for this work comes from her own journey around connecting to and activating her brand of leader.

Kristin started leading teams at 23 years old and found the conventional model and characteristics of “a leader” didn’t fit.

Through lots of learning, failures, and personal development Kristin came to understand that great leadership was actually about knowing who you are and showing up consistently and confidently as exactly that.

Since then Kristin is on a mission to help other entrepreneurs define their brand of leader + activate the fullness of their power.

She is a certified professional coach with the International Coach Federation, and has a degree in psychology and years on the ground putting this work into practice in her own life, as well as, creating frameworks to show other how to do this.

Kristin’s clients describe her coaching style as yogi meets badass boss and her Whole Life Leadership approach as game changing.

One client said, her Activate Your Inner Leader program is not a nice to have but an absolute must, for any values-driven entrepreneur who wants to thrive both in business and in their life.