A 5-week online group coaching journey for entrepreneurs who

have big work to do in the world + want to thrive at the same


Are You Ready To Take Off?

Take Off is a 5-week online immersion for entrepreneurs and leaders who want to have big impact and thrive at the same time.

This is course is for high performing entrepreneurs + leaders who are ready to next level and optimize their business and life.

Hosted by myself + Urszula Lipsztajn. We are two kickass coaches who get it - where you are, your challenges, and and where you want to go.

This course started after lots of conversations and hundreds of hours coaching entrepreneurs and leaders who struggled to find the illusive balance, fulfillment and impact they sought.

Through our work, we’ve identified five key areas of growth that we've identified as differentiators between the people we work with who are simply surviving and those who are thriving.

Be the kind of leader the world needs now

Taking the plunge into Take Off was both invigorating for my mind and nourishing for my soul. I appreciated Kristin & Urszula’s clear and gentle guidance on a journey inspired by a lot of deep worldly wisdom. Their content was digestible, inspirational and, most importantly, practical for the continuous transformation of my being.

— Michelle Martin, Advisor + Entrepreneur

What Is Take Off?

Who Is Take Off For?

I would say the Impact Challenge at the end was my favourite part of Take Off. I love that Kristin and Urszula assume that everyone who takes this program is up to something big in the world. The way everything built up to the challenge at the end made me hone in on my next project really quickly. If I hadn’t taken this course, I wouldn’t have come to the conclusion that now is the time to make shit happen.
— Megan Woodruff, Founder 24K Coaching
  • You want to leave the world better than you found it

  • You care deeply about your legacy

  • You have some great rituals and habits but having trouble committing to them

  • You have unhealthy habits that block you from showing up your best

  • You're burning out, not sleeping, and struggling with a neverending to-do list

  • You don't have enough time for the people and things you love

  • You're yelling at the people around you when you don't mean to

  • You have trouble prioritizing your needs

Take Off is a great choice for anyone ready to take pause and re-align with what matters to them most. This course is full of powerful questions that really get you thinking, paired with resources and worksheets to help you get clear on how to live your life with impact!
— Ashley Treleaven, Leadership Coach

Program Outcomes

  • Identify and remove your self-imposed blocks

  • Own your time once and for all

  • Take care of yourself. Period.

  • Be your whole self (no more hiding and dividing)

  • Do what you're here to do without sacrificing yourself

  • Next-level your impact from your best self



What You’ll Get

  • A coach approach to development that puts you in the driver's seat of your life

  • Five learning modules of personal growth

  • Expert guidance

  • A live group coaching call to give you direct support where you need it most

  • Powerful coaching questions

  • 24 hour response time from your coaches offering guidance, feedback, insights, and to celebrate your wins

  • Mindfulness-based daily and weekly practices

  • Worksheets

  • Accountability

  • A community of kickass entrepreneurs and leaders who get where you are and want to go

  • An impact challenge where you make a difference from a place of thriving

This course is powerful for anyone who wants to live a more intentional and impactful life. Kristin and Urszula break it down into manageable but powerful chunks and give such amazing support. I recommend it to anyone.
— Kendra Lowen, Entrepreneur

Impact + Giving Back

10% of profits go to reparation efforts to fund coaches of colour in offering their coaching programs to people of colour.