Take Off | 6 week online course

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Take Off | 6 week online course


Take Off is a 5-week online coaching journey for entrepreneurs who want to have big impact and thrive at the same time. This is where high performing entrepreneurs come to next level and optimize their business and life.

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What You’ll Get

A coach approach to development that puts you in the driver's seat of your life

  • Five learning modules of personal growth

  • Expert guidance

  • A live group coaching call to give you direct support where you need it most

  • Powerful coaching questions

  • 24 hour response time from your coaches offering guidance, feedback, insights, and to celebrate your wins

  • Mindfulness-based daily and weekly practices

  • Worksheets

  • Accountability

  • A community of kickass entrepreneurs and leaders who get where you are and want to go

  • An impact challenge where you make a difference from a place of thriving

The Take Off Program is a great choice for anyone ready to take pause and re-align with what matters to them most. This course is full of powerful questions that really get you thinking, paired with resources and worksheets to help you get clear on how to live your life with impact!

Ashley Treleaven, Leadership Coach