Take Off: Entrepreneurs + Leaders Course

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Take Off Product Image (1).png

Take Off: Entrepreneurs + Leaders Course

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Take Off is a 5-week online immersion for entrepreneurs and leaders who want to have big impact and thrive at the same time. This is where high performing entrepreneurs come to next level and optimize their business and life.

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What You’ll Get

5 modules full of guidance, powerful coaching questions, mindfulness-based practices and worksheets to support your optimization

  • A coach approach to development that puts you in the driver's seat of your life

  • Accountability to keep you focused and on track

  • A community of kickass entrepreneurs and leaders who get where you are and want to go

  • Expert coaching from two of the best coaches around

  • An Impact Challenge where you can make a real difference where it matters most to you

“Urszula changed my life. And in the process transformed our company. As our resident coach, she helps us be resilient, compassionate, present, and brave as we traverse the gap to what we know is possible. And we could not do this without her.

— Luke DeCoste, CGO, Proof

“Kristin is an intuitive and bold coach. She holds you capable of getting up to something bigger than you thought you could.

— Noel Scott, Regional Chef JOEY