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Are you a certified coach?

Do you want to grow and expand your coaching business?

If you answered yes, you are in luck. After a few years of coaching using the Whole Life Leadership program with clients and realizing the power of this work, I wanted to be able to share it with more people. The thing was, I knew I only had so much time and could only take on so many clients. There, was born the idea of creating an Affiliate program to support other coaches in leveraging a fully packaged coaching program in their businesses to support their client niche.

To become a Certified Whole Life Leadership Affiliate Coach, coaches have to complete an 8-week certification program that digs deep into personal and professional development, and directly corresponds with the ICF Core Competencies. Upon completion, Whole Life Leadership Affiliate Coaches will be equipped with the resources to facilitate clients through the 12-week

WLL program in a one on one and group format.


Coaching Certification Rhythm & Program Features

  • 8-weeks

  • Format: video-based online learning and live group video calls

  • Flexible program to fit into your busy life

  • Coaches will graduate with a fully packaged and marketable program

  • 13.76 ICF Accredited Continuing Coach Education Units