Define Your Vision For Your Business | ONE PAGE BUSINESS PLAN

If you have you ever felt stuck, uninspired or not really sure what the next right step for you is to take in your business, this post might be able to help. 

How To Create A One Page Business Plan That You Will Actually Use

This post is part of a bigger series around How To Create A One Page Business Plan That You'll Actually Use

Today, we’re going to deep dive into one specific area of that plan - Vision - to help you create that part of the plan for yourself. 

The Quality + Clarity Of Your Vision

If you have ever felt stuck, uninspired, or unsure about what to do next the coaching I would have likely given you would be to look at  the quality and the clarity of your vision. Often when we don't have clarity around where we're going and who we need to be to get there, it becomes unclear as to what the next step is. 

What Makes A Powerful Vision 

Your vision is your North Star. It's where you're going and who you need to be in the future in order to create that. 

It's future focused and it's aspirational. Your vision should guide you and orient you in a direction. It is not a destination. A destination is a goal. We are going to talk about goals later on in this business plan but it is important not to confuse vision with goals.  

The Power Of Visualization

Many people, when I work with them on visualization, say that they can't do it. They say things like, “I can't see anything”. 

Visualization isn't just visuals. It's not just what you see. It is a full sensory experience. 

To visualize and to create a vision that's really powerful, you need to do more than just create a one dimensional image of the thing. It needs to be a full sensory experience. 

How are you going to feel when you actually have this business that you want to create five years out, 10 years out?

 Where are you going to need to be? 

Who do you show up as? Are you confident? Are you grounded? Are you expansive? 

You want to tap into these feelings and embody them when you are doing your visualization. 

Tap into all of your senses. 

As you're creating your vision,

What are you seeing? 

What are you experiencing? 

How do you feel? 

What's the energy of the place? 

If we bring this back to business, and you are visualizing your business five years out, what is your office space feel like? Who's there with you? What do you smell when you walk into the office? What do you hear? What is your seat feel like when you sit down at your desk or stand up at your standing desk? 

These are the kind of details that you want to bring to life.

Make It Real

For a vision to have it's full power, for it to be creative, it needs to be realistic. And what I mean by realistic is that we have to trick our central nervous system into thinking that it has actually occurred.

The cool thing about this is our central nervous system is that it cannot differentiate between a real or imagined event. 

When we imagine an event in enough detail, enough times it becomes real on a physiological level.  This is why athletes use visualization and they have been for years is more that they can visualize the perfect shot or the perfect race. They can trick their central nervous system into actually believing that they swam that race or took that shot.

What they are doing is creating new neural pathways and new mental maps around success and around what ideal looks like.  

We can do this in our lives and our businesses too!

When you find yourself stuck or uninspired it could be that your Northstar is no longer clear. 

You want to come back to your vision over and over again and embody it and feel it and checking in on it to ensure that this is still the north star that you are going after? 

Joyfully Achieving

The final thing I want to share around creating a powerful vision is something that you'll be familiar with if you know me. It is the concept of Joyfully Achieving. 

Joyfully Achieving is being content in the present moment while being pulled forward by an inspiring vision for the future.

In order to Joyfully Achieve, you need both things. 

Creating an inspiring vision creates a gap between where you are now and where you want to be. This can be a good thing or it can create unhealthy stress and anxiety. 

Staying grounded in what is perfect about right now and being grateful for that is such an important piece to this puzzle.

Are You Ready?

Those are my top tips around How To Create A Powerful Vision. 

Download your copy of the One Page Business Plan to get some coaching questions to help you get started. 

Kristin Constable, Whole Life Leadership + Business Coach