I'm so glad you are here...

Hi, I'm Kristin and it's my mission is to support you in unlocking the fullness of your power so that you can lead a wildly successful values driven business + live a rich and fulfilling values driven life. That’s right ... you can have both.

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I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with several coaches the last several years. Amongst those Kristin is definitely amongst the top. While our entire experience allowed for a very fluid learning environment I feel that the results and outcomes that I achieved as a direct result of us working together improved my life immensely.
— Jagger Babuin - Serial Entrepreneur

Since the age of 23 I have been immersed in the world of leadership. I had to learn at a really young age what it took to be a great leader that could run a successful business and lead others. What I learned along the way was that I couldn’t take on being a leader. I had to create from the inside out who I was going to be as a leader.

It was only when I got this did I have something to say. It was only when I started to come from this place that people actually responded. It was only when I aligned with who I was and who I wanted to be in this world. then that I saw results in business and in life. If you think this sounds like a spiritual awakening, you’re right it was! And that’s what Whole Life Leadership is at its core. A coming home to who you truly are so you can do the work that you are here to do.

As a professional leadership and business coach I have had 1000’s of hours of experience coaching 100’s of high performing leaders and entrepreneurs in companies like Vega, Kit and Ace, and the UBC Hatch Accelerator. These high performers know that in order for their businesses to thrive they need to thrive. They need to show up as the leader of their lives. And that, is where the inside out business coach approach comes to life.

Who are you, and what matters to you most?

Are you having the impact you are committed to creating?

How are you using your business as a vehicle to live into your values and achieve deeply meaningful goals?

What do you need to do to play full out?

How can you Joyfully Achieve in your journey?

This is the work that we will do. It’s big, no bs work. And, it’s what it takes to be a whole life leader and thrive.

Now let me share, I’m not saying this from the sidelines. I’ve been in this work and continue to be in this work ALL OF THE TIME. Not all that long ago made the transition from a senior level corporate job in leadership development to running my own successful business and let me tell you that made me level up like nothing else. I continue to be the student as well as the teacher.

As you will come to know, I have a way of blending mindfulness with strategy. That combined with my background in psychology + adult learning + the deep toolkit of coaching practices I have acquired as a certified professional coach with the International Coach Federation, has allowed me to created some transformational coaching programs and courses that will change the game for you.

My Coaching Style

  • We will blend mindfulness and business. They go beautifully together, I promise.

  • I’m a PCC certified coach through the International Coach Federation and pull from my background in psychology and 10 years in business to bring a unique combination of tools and coaching techniques to our work together.

  • We do the deep work first and always start with getting crystal clear on your values.

  • I’m fiercely committed to turning the abstract into action. You won't just dream big with me, you will learn the high performance habits and mindset to execute like a pro.

My Values

If you still want to know a little bit more about me, I think getting a peek into someone's values tells you more about them in 5 lines than anything else possibly could.

Here are my top 5:

  1. Showing up. It’s all about impact. What impact am I having on others. How can I start a ripple effect that could have impact on someone I will never meet. I think about this all the time and take action from this place EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

  2. Master of My Universe. I am in choice and have the ability to create and manifest the life I want to lead.

  3. Integration. I used to be the queen of compartmentalization. Those days are over. Today there is nothing more important to me than being whole, complete, and 100% me in every area of my life.   

  4. Wellness. If I’m not thriving I can’t do the work that I’m here to do. Mental, Physical, Spiritual wellness is the foundation of it all.

  5. Gratitude. Having reverence for life and everything in it. We were never meant to to this alone. Feeling plugged in to something bigger than myself is where my joy flows from.

Let’s Work Together!